The Ripley Group Difference....

Although we do not provide consumers a quote-engine on our website to get a life insurance quote. Over the phone we provide a very personalized quote to each individual that matches their lifestyle and health risk assesment.

The Truth Is: Rarely the quotes provided to consumers on websites are accurate. Other websites simply gather personal information for the ability to call you or e-mail you to provide the accurate quote. Often the consumer is confused by the quote they got online vs. the quote the representative gives them.

Here at The Ripley Group, we take your life insurance protection seriously. We want to get your undivided attention to accuratly quote you our "best guess" to which risk class the underwriter will approve you at. The risk class determines the premium (quote). Also, before a premium can be provided, discussing your needs for life insurance protection helps determine which products and carriers are best for your individual situation.

Speak to a Representative today 800-581-3130!!! Get a Hassle-Free Quote.


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